There is a human-centered design activity called a “dig” where cohorts present their idea to different audiences and they “dig” into the details by asking a lot of questions. Thrive recently facilitated these dig’s via zoom, during the digs, cohorts had a minimum of 7 minutes to a max of 12 minutes to present their napkin pitch to Thrive staff and another cohort organization. People from the dig then asked questions about their project. Since part of their homework from the last Human Centered Design Sprint was to refine their napkin pitch, Thrive staff felt this would be really helpful in that process. The point was to help gain a critical (but caring) perspective and help cohorts dig into the details of their idea. In order to make each dig successful cohorts needed to:


⦁ Work with their organizational partners to refine the details of their napkin pitch –  Think of the W’s and H’s – When, where, why, who, how, how              often and how much.

⦁ Cohorts needed to have at least two representatives from their organization for this activity. Thrive wanted to make sure they were able to brainstorm with their team and to do that, they needed support from people who understand their organization and the population they serve. Cohorts were encouraged to bring objects, pictures, media, etc. to help enhance their pitch, The digs were fun and helpful! Each cohort came prepared to discuss their napkin pitch. Cohorts were also encouraged to focus on some more specific evaluation activities as their project developed.

We were able to grab a great picture from our first dig!