“Nothing about us without us.”

Our Collaboration believes in creating equitable spaces that allow youth to co-create solutions around improving adolescent sexual health. Check out these amazing youth who are using their voice to bring action to their community.


SHAPE Peer Educators
Teens teaching their younger peers is an incredibly effective tool and we have experienced great results. Along with the peer education training, our team of high school students is taught more in-depth lessons related to sexual health. As a result, they become advocates for others in their own schools and communities.


Youth Advising Youth (YAY)
Encourages youth to prevent violence by becoming leaders of cultural change surrounding social issues of oppression, The mission is to prevent violence through social change, education, leadership, and youth empowerment.


Youth Advisory Subcommittee (YAS)
Promotes sexual violence prevention through education and resource navigation for Oklahoma youth so that they feel empowered to make healthy decisions about their actions, bodies, and relationships. We are the generation that talks.


Youth Engagement Action Team
Working toward bringing youth voice and action to system-level needs, decisions, and solutions to our Collaboration. The overarching goal is to involve youth at every stage of planning, decision making, and implementation of Collaboration activities. Email us to get involved.

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