Sexual health is key to your overall well-being, and it isn’t just about sex. It’s about positive approaches to sexuality and relationships and recognizing these as natural parts of everyday life. It is mental, physical, emotional, and social.

Tips for talking with adults

  • Ask a trusted adult to talk and tell them what you need–advice, a listening ear, support
  • Name your feeling and let them know if you are worried, embarrassed to ask, or fearful of getting in trouble 
  • Find a good time when both parties are not distracted. 
  • Don’t always expect an immediate answer. Adults don’t have all the answers and sometimes need time to think and do research before they know how to respond.

Play an active role

One thing you can do is play an active role in your own sexual health. It is up to you to decide if and when you choose to have sex. Think about what you want and use that to define your personal values, desires and boundaries. These things might change throughout your life, and that’s okay. You know yourself more than anyone, so be honest with yourself. Whether you need to find a clinic and connect to services, learn more about sexual health, or just find some additional support, we are here for you.

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