Navigating Sexual Health 
with your patients

Asking Essential Sexual Health Questions

Find the essential sexual health questions to ask adults and adolescents at least annually, plus additional questions you can ask to get more information. 

Delivering Recommended Preventive Sexual Health Services

Preventive services are a key element to improving and protecting sexual health. Find out which your patients should be getting, and which they shouldn't be. 

How to Discuss Sexual Health

Sex can be difficult to discuss, but many patients want to talk about it with you. Get tips for ensuring a productive sexual health conversation with your patients. 

Information about Recommended Screening Tests

See here for general information about recommended screening tests, including their sensitivity and specificity. 

Sexual Health and Your Patients

A Provider's Guide can help healthcare providers better integrate sexual health conversations and recommended preventive services into routine visits with adolescents and adults. 

Responding to Your Patients' Questions

Not always ready to answer questions about sexual health? See sample responses to common questions so you can include all the important elements in your answers. 

Resources from the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH)
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