STRATEGIC Objectives

The direction of Thrive and the Collaboration is headlined by three key priority areas: inform, connect, engage. These strategic objectives provide the backdrop, synergy, and context of why collaboration matters, and how ALL of us can be change agents for youth.

Priority 1: Inform

Empower all young people, and the caring adults in their lives, by providing medically accurate, age-appropriate sexual health information.

Priority 2: Connect

Facilitate relationships-within our Collaboration and the broader community-to ensure young people access the health care services, resources, and programs they need.

Priority 3: Engage

Create an inclusive, community-wide movement by compelling meaningful participation and investment to support adolescent sexual health.

In order to further facilitate the work of the comprehensive plan and priority areas, the Collaboration’s Advisory Council prioritized three strategic objectives that currently drive the Collaboration’s Action Teams. Action Teams are committees focused on specific needs and tasks that further the common agenda.

Youth Engagement Action Team: working to bring youth voice and action to systems-level needs, decisions, and solutions for the Collaboration.

Robust Referral System Action Team: working to build a robust system of supportive relationships and linkages between medical professionals, educators, and community-based organizations ensuring that youth are able to access and receive the contraceptive method of their choice.

Priority Populations Action Team: working to reach and engage new partners that serve, and represent, priority populations in high-need zip codes.

Want to get involved in an Action Team? Fill out the Change Agent Inventory and let us know you are interested in learning more!

Check out all the details involved with these strategic objectives in our comprehensive plan Momentum Matters and Supplemental Guide.

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