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Building a movement to improve sexual health outcomes takes all of us serving as change agents and positively impacting young people. Our Collaboration provides several ways to get you involved in the movement.

The first step in joining our movement is to fill out the survey below so we know how you’d like to be involved and stay connected. It’s that easy!

Collaboration Structure

Backbone organization that provides facilitation, strategic collaboration, community engagement, data and research, and advocacy.

Have broad influence and decision-making authority in the community. Meet bi-annually and have commitment agreements with Honestly.

Advisory Council:
Content (professionals in the field) and context (persons with lived experience) experts that provide guidance and oversight to collaboration projects. Meets quarterly and has commitment agreements with Honestly

Collaboration Champions:
Individuals and organizations that advance the collaboration through sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention activities. Have formal relationships (MOUs) with Honestly that are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Action Teams:
Ad hoc committees focused on specific tasks and needs that further the common agenda.

Long-standing committees focused on issues central to the collaborative’s work and guiding principles.

Change Agents:
Individuals and organizations who promote adolescent sexual health and positive youth development in our community.

Join our movement!