Our Donors

Special thanks to all of those that have donated to Thrive!

By supporting the Thrive mission, our donors help us continue our efforts to shatter the culture of shame, stigma, and misinformation surrounding sexual health. We at Thrive are greatful for the support of those in our community. 


Anderson Family Foundation
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Cliff and Leslie Hudson Family Fund
Communities Foundation of Oklahoma

David and Lezlie Hudiburg Family Foundation
E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Inasmuch Foundation
Kirkpatrick Family Fund
Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Patton Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Rainbolt Family Foundation
Records-Johnston Family Foundation, Inc.
Telligen Community Initiative
Trust Women Foundation, Inc.



Adrienne Elder
Alba Weaver
Amanda Davis
Amy Jenkins and Jake Yandell
Angie Reap
April Leigh Lopez
Autumn Katz
Barbara Baumeister
Becky Lobenherz
Benjamin Rendon
Beth and Jim Tolbert
Blake Patton
Brittney Criswell
Carl Rubenstein, M.D.
Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs
Chelsi Dennis
Christi Woodworth
Craig and Julie Knutson

David McLaughlin
Deborah Bunting
Elizabeth Eickman
Emily Aynn Madden
Erin and Justin Cowan
Gary Don Thacker
Gerry Bonds
Glenda Puett
Glenda Sue Stansbury
Ilene Jaroslaw
Jaye Mendros
Jennifer Weast
Jenny Lee
Jill Raines
Joanna Goodwin
Joellen Buller
John and Carli Stark
Jorge Hernandez
Katie M Smith
Kay Goebel

Kelli Dupuy
Kristin Harris
Laura Lang
Lauren Decker
Lawrence H Stone
Leslie Hudson
Liia Melders-Stepien
Linda Edmonson
Linsey Garlington
Lori Walke
Lydia Nightingale
Mahkesha Hogg
Mckenzie Anderson
Mickie Smith
Mindy Galoob
Molly Helm
Nathan Sheldon
Nelson Fong
Patricia Gallagher and Douglas Parr

Penny Voss
Rep. Forrest Bennett
Rhonda Godwin
Robert Eye
Rurie Dobson
Samantha Burnett
Sandy and Art Cotton
Sarah Hoss
Shannon Dennis
Shannon Welch
Shante Fenner
Stacy Harris
Stephanie Crossno
Steven Charles and Liz Waggoner
Susan Ebert
Teri Bell
Vicki Hunt

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