OUR History

Formed in 2012, the Collaboration created a bold vision to reduce the teen birth rate in Oklahoma County by one-third by 2020. This vision, along with strategies to reduce teen pregnancy, was highlighted in the original comprehensive plan, As A Matter of Fact. While dozens of community organizations, professionals, and volunteers worked together to achieve the goals of the plan, key partners included Kirkpatrick Family Fund, OKC-County Health Department, OKC Public Schools, Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Teen emPower!, and Variety Care.


In 2016, Thrive was formed to serve as the backbone organization for the Collaboration after it adopted a collective impact framework. The Collaboration’s original goal of a one-third reduction in the teen birth rate was met and surpassed a full year early due to the tireless work of partners.

 In 2019, the Collaboration announced its new goal to further reduce the teen birth rate in Oklahoma County by an additional 25% by 2025.


The Collaboration’s new comprehensive plan, Momentum Matters, outlines three key priority areas and strategies for moving forward. Collaboration partners and change agents will Inform, Connect, and Engage with young people and the caring adults in their lives by providing education, access and resources to support adolescent sexual health in our community. These priority areas are a foundation in creating an inclusive, community-wide movement to support adolescent sexual health.

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