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Honestly serves as the backbone organization for the Central Oklahoma Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaboration. In this role, we convene and connect partners and change agents, engage and mobilize the community, evaluate and share data, and advocate for youth to have access to resources, services and medically accurate information about sexual health.

Guiding Principles:

  • We share the belief that we are stronger together.
  • We are grounded in an equity framework and understand the needs of all young people are not the same.
  • We are committed to an inclusive and judgment-free approach to adolescent health.
  • We advocate to ensure public health and adolescent sexual health remain priorities for our community.
  • We listen to and respect the voices of the community.
  • We believe the best prevention approaches are inclusive, medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive and accessible.
  • We are guided by data, research and outcomes.
  • We are committed to continuous communication that leads to learning and improvement.


We are building a movement to improve sexual health outcomes for youth.


A culture in which opportunities for youth to pursue education, careers, and well-being are not limited by teen pregnancy.

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We do this by…

  • Acting as the facilitator of the Collaboration
  • Convening, supporting, and connecting our partner network of change agents
  • Engaging and mobilizing the community around our cause
  • Evaluating and sharing data for the purpose of strategic learning
  • Advocating for youth to have access to resources, services, and medically accurate information about sexual health

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